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Our club has been providing outdoor recreation and shooting skills practice and competition for over 70 years.

The first Sunday of every month there is a pistol shoot. The second Sunday has the Frontier Firearms Shoot. The third Sunday is a .22 Silhouette shoot. The fourth Saturday is the .22 Two Gun shoot. On the fourth Sunday there is a hunter's rifle shoot. And on 5th Sundays, barring work parties, there is a Precision Rifle shoot. Trap shooting is held the 1st and 3rd Sunday and alternate Saturdays at 1pm. All these shoots are open to members and their guests and all begin at 10 am (except trap).

Club facilities:

Your membership card has the gate combination for the year.

Ranges are open 9:00 am to 9:00 pm or available light (evenings only), year round except when booked by an agency – Check club calendar.

No shooting before 9:00 am.

Rifle Range length 200 yards limited to an Energy of 4540 ft/lb at 100 yards (50 BMG not allowed)

Pistol range - 25 meters. Fixed target area, adjustable shooting line. 17/22 rimfire, pellet rifles also welcome.

Restrictions - rapid fire not to exceed one round per second.

Trap - 2 full trap ranges restricted to #7 1/2 shot or smaller.

Indoor Range not open to general membership except by special request. Restricted to pellet firearms, rimfire rifles and handguns calibers under 1500FPS and no armour piercing ammunition. Poor ventilation prevents most indoor use. The main use for the indoor range is archery and CORE and licensing courses.

No glass objects to be used as targets. No metal targets allowed for centrefire rifle.

Silhouette targets that have a human outline or features are not allowed; except by enforcement agencies when they are renting club ranges, exclusively.

METAL TARGETS PROHIBITTED EXCEPT: Pistol, 22LR (not WMR) and Cowboy Action loads (lead cast bullet, under 1500 fps)

Metal targets (Cowboy action, pistol or .22 rimfire only) or target frames shall not be used at less than 25 yards (23 metres). All targets and target stands must be removed from the Club grounds. Take them home with you. We do not have any storage facilities at the range.

Glass is prohibited on the ranges.


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