Rifle Range Flags for Power Outages only

The flag system for noting range occupation and status (cease fire (green) or active/hot (red)) has been relegated to power outage use only.  Range occupation and status will now be indicated by the red and green lights on the inside/outside of range shed.  This has been done to eliminate any double signalling due to the use of both flag and indicator light systems at the same time. 

Should the power go out and the light system is unavailable, call a cease fire and see the Caretaker for the flags. The flag system shall be implemented for the duration of the outage. DO NOT go down range or handle/discharge firearms until the appropriate flag is in place. Once the flags are in place range use may continue in accordance with the flag posted. When power is restored, call a brief cease fire, take down the flags and resume using the lights.  Return the flags to the Caretaker.


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