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Need to renew your membership? Or want to become a member? Please carefully read the following:




Except for renewal applications, please do not send your application in early.  It will be discarded.


Membership applications will become active on April 1st. New members are required to attend an orientation session before receiving their membership card and access to the club.

Orientation cut off is June 15th.  Applicants requiring orientation after this date will be subject to a $30 Orientation fee.

Membership year runs April 1 to March 31. Emails with renewal information will been sent at the end of January to those who subscribe to the newsletter.

Sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of this page.

Lapsed memberships are considered as new applications.


With increasing pressure from the Lower Mainland, due to the closing of so many ranges, we have a cap on membership. To ensure that returning members have every opportunity to renew, renewals will open February 1 2018. This gives all returning members 2 months to renew. Membership cap is reached typically by June of any given year.

In early 1942, the founders of the Squamish Valley Rod and Gun Club, along with support from the Council of the District of Squamish, established the Club. The Municipal Council of the day had the foresight to ensure that the Club remain locally run by having a restrictive covenant placed on our Charter, stating that the membership consist of a majority of Squamish residents and further that non-residents have a non-voting status.

With the demise of many of the Lower Mainland shooting clubs, and the overcrowding at the remaining ones, we have been under pressure to change this status. Without an Order-in-Council by the District of Squamish and approval by the Registrar of Societies, the covenant can not be lifted. At this time, it is not in the best interests of the Club or the District to even attempt this and the Registrar of Societies has stated that they would not approve such a change. As such, we are limited to no less than 50% +1 Squamish resident members. We will only accept non Squamish residents as current numbers allow, resulting in "waiting lists". We will process applications on this list in the order received after April 1st. We will not accept any new applications before April 1st. All subject documents will be shredded if received before April 1st.

All new membership applications must be sponsored by a current member, in good standing for at least 1 year. This application form must be signed by the sponsoring member. If you are a new applicant and don't know anyone who can sponsor you, enclose a letter with your application stating this fact and the executive will contact you for an interview. New members are required to attend an orientaion session before their membership card is issued. Renewing members will be required to attend a re-orientation on a periodic basis.

All applications are subject to acceptance by the Board of Directors on behalf of the Membership.

New Squamish resident members will require proof of residency (a copy of a drivers license or other government issued ID with your primary address will suffice). If you don't actually live in Squamish (primary residence), you don't qualify for a resident membership.

All Squamish Valley Rod and Gun Club memberships are personal memberships.... we do not have corporate, business or agency memberships.

Memberships are valid April 1st to March 31st. All renewals are due April 1st of every year. We do not pro-rate membership dues.

No memberships or renewals will be issued after September 1st.

Lapsed memberships will be treated as new member applications.

We have implemented the following membership categories as per our society's Constitution: Regular, Junior, Senior, Spouse, Family and Non-voting (Non-Resident). More than one category may apply.

In accordance with Federal regulations and our insurer's requirements, a JUNIOR is defined as being under 18 years of age. 18 year olds will require an adult membership.

Junior members MAY NOT sign in guests under their membership (as Juniors themselves need to be supervised, they cannot provide supervision for a guest).

Only voting members in good standing may participate in the election of officers.



Targets and Target Stands:

The Club does not provide targets or target stands. You must bring your own and you must take them away with you. We do not have any storage facilities. Targets and stands left at the range will be disposed of.

Ricochet items i.e..: glass, TVs, rocks, wheel rims etc…are NOT to be used as targets or target stands.
Reactive targets, such as Tannerite, propane cannisters, etc. are prohibited on our ranges
Pistol Range: Metal targets may be used at no less than 25 yards for rim fire, air guns and
hand gun only. Metal targets must be of a commercial design that directs bullets to the ground.
Rifle Range: Metal swinging targets may be used for rim fire, Cowboy Action (lead, no gas checks, 1500 fps or less), air gun and hand gun only
at no less than 25 yards. Metallic targets are not to be used with centre fire rifles (except Cowboy Action).
Trap Range: Only Club Trap machines may be used on the Trap Range. See the Club schedule for available times.


2018 Membership annual fees:

  *Resident Non-Resident


$ 110.00


Junior (under 18 yrs)

$ 50.00

$ 75.00

Senior (65 & over)

$ 60.00

$ 85.00


$ 50.00

$ 75.00

Family $175.00



*Resident - one who actually lives within the District Municipality of Squamish (primary residence)

Please take the time to review the Squamish Valley Rod & Gun Club Rules & Regulations here. (updated Feb. 2018)

Membership cards must be visibly worn on your person when on Club grounds.

Members may bring two guests (supervised 1 on 1) and are responsible to have the guest(s) name printed on the sign in ledger; along with the member's name and number, each guest's legal name and address must be printed on the form and they must sign the waiver, and with the $10.00 day fee in envelope, deposit it in the day fee box. 

Click here for information on Day Fees.

Members in violation of Club Rules will be suspended or have their membership revoked at the discretion of the executive.



Our fillable PDF membership form is available HERE. Note, you'll be able to fill ALL the fields in with your computer, then print and sign. Please include a personal cheque and mail via regular mail. Do not send priority post or registered mail. This will add time for delivery, as it involves more than just picking it up from the PO Box. DO NOT SEND CASH IN THE MAIL. Please do not send certified cheques, as if there is a problem, they are not easily dealt with. Registered mail is also a problem for us to pick up. 

Please include your residential address as well as your mailing address, as business or agency addresses will not be accepted. Proof of residency may be required for resident membership. (This information is for Club use only and will not be used for any other purpose.) If you don't live in Squamish, you don't qualify for a resident membership.

NOTE: HANDWRITTEN FORMS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Our membership committee is volunteer and does not have the time or patience to try to decipher your handwriting. You have to download the form, you might as well fill it out while you are at it.

Dishonored cheques will incur a $50 charge and will result in cancelation/suspension of issued memberships untill membership fee and NSF fee are paid in full.

A $10 fee will be charged for replacemant membership cards.

Mail completed forms with a personal cheque made out to Squamish Valley Rod and Gun Club to:

SVRGC Membership 
PO Box 3792
Garibaldi Highlands
V0N 1T0


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