About Archery

Archery is an extremely old sport, one that dates back to prehistoric times. There are many different divisions of archery in which people compete; these include traditional, recurve, compound and crossbow.

Traditional or long bows, are usually made from yew wood but some are made of mixtures of wood.

Re-curve bows are ones which look most like a traditional bow, except that the tips of the bow curve forward, hence the name re-curve. They are made of several materials including laminated wood and fiberglass. Stabilizers and sights are also allowed. They are the exclusive bow of the Olympics.

Compound bows are bows that also have pulleys. This allows for a lot of energy to be stored by the bow while allowing the archer to only exert a minimum of force while at full draw.

Crossbows are held horizontally and the string is held by a trigger release.

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