Squamish Valley Rod and Gun Club

Executive and Directors:

President Mike Morgan president@svrgc.org
Vice President Mike Wallace vicepres@svrgc.org
Secretary Paul Greening secretary@svrgc.org
Treasurer  Lisa Makitalo treasurer@svrgc.org    
Membership Cindy Burns svrgcmembership@svrgc.org
Communications Mike Bonthron svrgcnews@svrgc.org
Facilities & Maintenance Jeff Rockwell facilities@svrgc.org
Archery Chris Wike archery@svrgc.org
Hand gun Peter Lewis pistols@svrgc.org
22 Rimfire Myles Holt silhouette@svrgc.org
Rifles Mike Bonthron rifles@svrgc.org    
Trap Jeff Rockwell trap@svrgc.org
Junior .22 Rimfire Mike Schaber jr22shoot@svrgc.org
Fishing Open info@svrgc.org    *
Frontier Frank Hoogenboom frontier@svrgc.org 
IPSC Tom Gilchrist ipsc@svrgc.org
22 - 2 Gun Jack Soo 22twogun@svrgc.org













 * not all of our directors have email access (info@svrgc.org), but the email addresses are monitored on a daily basis and the information will be passed on to them in a timely fashion.



2050 Centennial Way PO Box 384 Squamish BC V8B 0A3 | Map
PRESIDENT : Mike Morgan | president@svrgc.org
MEMBERSHIP : svrgcmembership@svrgc.org

Squamish Valley Rod & Gun Club

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